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一触即发(Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit) 第12期

你跟我说这只是一般的办公室工作 You know, you sold this as an office job.

你再也不只是分析员了 You're not just an analyst any more.

你现在已经是外勤探员 You're operational now.



我们将为祖国俄国报仇 We will avenge our mother Russia.

你将为我们家族报仇 You will avenge our family.

美国将会血流成河 America will bleed.

祝好运 亚力山卓 Good luck, Aleksandr.

美俄两边的人都准备好了 Everyone is in place, sir, in America and in Moscow.

那就开始吧 Let it begin.

你好 杰克莱恩来见奇瑞文先生 Hi. Jack Ryan to see Mr. Cherevin.

- 请稍等 - 莱恩博士吗? 我是助理凯雅 - One moment, please. - Dr. Ryan? I'm Katya,

奇瑞文先生正在等你 Mr. Cherevin's assistant. He's expecting you.

我会待个几天 可以给我一张卡吗? I may be here a few days. Will I get my own card?

外宾必须随时有人陪同 As a foreign guest, you'll need to be accompanied.

可以谅解吗? You understand?

当然可以 Of course.

我是维克多奇瑞文 Viktor Cherevin.

我是杰克莱恩 Jack Ryan.

- 一路上还好吗? - 很好 谢谢 - How was your flight? - Fine, thank you.

有时差吗? And the jet lag?

第一晚通常很难熬 That first night can be brutal.

我熬过来了 I survived.

很棒的画 拿破仑战争 That's a nice painting. Napoleon at war.

你很了解自己的历史 So, you know your history.

有什么可以帮忙的? What can I do for you?

例行稽核 Routine audit.

例行稽核在纽约做不来吗? So routine it couldn't be done from New York?

当你们在隐匿帐户就做不来 Not when you're concealing accounts from us.

你们美国人自以为直接 You Americans like to think of yourselves as direct.

也许你们只是粗鲁 But I wonder if perhaps you are just rude.

俄国人自以为浪漫 You Russians think of yourselves as poets,

也许你们只是太敏感了 but perhaps you're just touchy.

没有帐户被隐匿 只有被保护 Nothing here is concealed. Only secured.

不好意思 Excuse me.

我希望能查阅你们所有帐户资料 I hope I can count on full access to your account files?

不用麻烦了 You won't need it.

你多虑了 你关心的那些公司… I ordered the companies which concerned you, quite unnecessarily, I might add,

都已经卖掉了 还大赚一笔 to be sold, at a profit.

贵公司的佣金都在报告里 交易是… Your firm's percentages are detailed in this report.The funds were transferred this morning,

今早完成的 来不及阻止你上飞机 too late, alas, to stop you from getting on your flight.

所以现在稽核根本没有意义 So, you see, an audit would be quite without purpose at this point, Mr. Ryan.

我懂了 I SSS.

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