1. NPR News:It's Hard To Imagine How Armed Teachers Might Change Schools
  2. NPR News:U.S. Men's Curling Team Wins Gold, Beating Sweden 10-7 At Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
  3. NPR News:White House Briefly Put On Lockdown After Driver Hits Security Barrier
  4. NPR News:Educators Fear And Embrace Calls For Concealed Carry In The Classroom
  5. NPR News:Logs Of 911 Calls Reveal The Troubled History Of Florida School Shooter
  6. NPR News:The Russia Investigations: More Pleas, More Charges — Any More Preparation?
  7. NPR News:Trump Administration Restricts H-1B Worker Visas Coveted By High Tech
  8. NPR News:Billy Graham Walked A Line, And Regretted Crossing Over It, When It Came To Politics
  9. NPR News:Scientists Aim To Pull Peer Review Out Of The 17th Century
  10. NPR News:A Student Solution To Give Utah Debtors A Fighting Chance
  11. NPR News:NRA Leader Warns Conservatives Of 'Socialist Wave' In Wake Of Shooting
  12. NPR News:POLL: The 'Inappropriate' Office Behaviors Most Pervasive In Workplaces
  13. NPR News:Hungary's Leader Proposes 'Stop Soros' Laws Against NGOs That Help Migrants
  14. NPR News:Russian Police Briefly Detain Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny — Again
  15. NPR News:FDA Finds Hazards Lurking In Parsley, Cilantro, Guacamole
  16. NPR News:At CNN Town Hall, Sen. Marco Rubio Declines To Say He Won't Take NRA Money
  17. NPR News:U.S. Biathlon Team Speaks Out For Gun Control
  18. NPR News:After Florida Shooting, Trump Calls For New Regulations On Bump Stocks
  19. NPR News:FACT CHECK: Why Didn't Obama Stop Russia's Election Interference In 2016?
  20. NPR News:U.S. Women's Hockey Team Wins Gold, Beating Canada In Penalty-Shot Thriller
  21. NPR News:Students Who Lived Through Florida Shooting Turn Rage Into Activism
  22. NPR News:Threats Against Schools Increase Since Florida Shooting
  23. NPR News:From Bellingham To Tallahassee Students 'Walk Out' Demanding Gun Reform
  24. NPR News:A New Survey Finds 81 Percent Of Women Have Experienced Sexual Harassment
  25. NPR News:Trump Backs Arming Teachers During Emotional White House Listening Session
  26. NPR News:Election Chiefs 'Straddle The Line Between Sounding The Alarm And Being Alarmist'
  27. NPR News:Trump Says FBI Missed 'Signals' Of Florida School Shooting Because Of Russia Probe
  28. NPR News:As Washington Gears Up To Tackle Foreign Influence, How Effective Can It Be?
  29. NPR News:Trump Denies Woman's Allegation Of Unwanted Kissing In Trump Tower
  30. NPR News:How Immigration Could Motivate Democrats In 2018
  31. NPR News:Personalized Diets: Can Your Genes Really Tell You What To Eat?
  32. NPR News:3 USA Gymnastics Board Members Resign, As Fallout From Abuse Scandal Continues
  33. NPR News:Voices Of America's Contract Workers: It's 'Feast Or Famine'
  34. NPR News:In Trump's First Year, Anti-Abortion Forces Make Strides
  35. NPR News:Facebook Says Social Media Can Be Negative For Democracy
  36. NPR News:Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reflects On The #MeToo Movement: 'It's About Time'
  37. NPR News:My Grandmother Was Italian. Why Aren't My Genes Italian?
  38. NPR News:Trump Slaps Tariffs On Imported Solar Panels And Washing Machines
  39. NPR News:What Happens When Suburban Police Departments Don't Have Enough Money?
  40. NPR News:U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem Will Open By End Of 2019, Pence Says In Israel
  41. NPR News:French Prison Guards Step Up Nationwide Strike Over Security, Pay Concerns
  42. NPR News:'Criminal Cabal'? FBI Fears Political Attacks May Imperil Work Of Field Agents
  43. NPR News:Aetna Agrees To Pay $17 Million In HIV Privacy Breach
  44. NPR News:Walmart Offers Product To Destroy Leftover Opioids, But Critics Say It's Unnecessary
  45. NPR News:Pioneering HIV Researcher Mathilde Krim Remembered For Her Activism
  46. NPR News:Even Dale Earnhardt Jr. Skids And Rams Tree In Snowstorm
  47. NPR News:When A Tattoo Means Life Or Death. Literally
  48. NPR News:The Russia Investigations: Is 'Infiltration' The New 'Collusion?'
  49. NPR News:Cancer Patients Get Little Guidance From Doctors On Using Medical Marijuana
  50. NPR News:Turkey Launches Offensive On U.S.-Backed Kurdish Militia In Syria
  51. NPR News:Nassar Testimony Brings One Sexual Abuse Survivor Sadness - And Then Some Relief
  52. NPR News:Senate To Vote Monday On Ending Shutdown As Talks Continue
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