1. NPR News:USA Gymnastics Doctor Pleads Guilty To Assault, Faces Decades In Prison
  2. NPR News:Questioning A Doctor's Prescription For A Sore Knee: 90 Percocets
  3. NPR News:If The Developing World Can Go Solar, Maybe Puerto Rico Can Too
  4. NPR News:'I Don't Believe In Science,' Says Flat-Earther Set To Launch Himself In Own Rocket
  5. NPR News:Just Look At These Fancy Port-A-Potties
  6. NPR News:Retailers To Online Shoppers: Be Patient With Delivery, Get Perks
  7. NPR News:White House Personnel Reassigned After Charges Of Inappropriate Behavior On Asia Trip
  8. NPR News:Colorado Launches First In The Nation Post-Election Audits
  9. NPR News:U.S. Denounces Violence Against Rohingya As 'Ethnic Cleansing'
  10. NPR News:Trump Organization Cuts Ties To Controversial SoHo Hotel
  11. NPR News:Remembering The 'Monstrous' Legacy Of Ratko Mladic
  12. NPR News:Federal Judge Blocks New Texas Anti-Abortion Law
  13. NPR News:After Default, Venezuela's Fiscal Woes Spiral While Prosecutors Focus On Corruption
  14. NPR News:Trump Defends Roy Moore Amid Sexual Assault Allegations: 'He Totally Denies It'
  15. NPR News:Pixar's John Lasseter Takes Leave Of Absence After Harassment Allegations
  16. NPR News:Lawmakers Fear President Trump's Authority To Launch Nuclear Weapons
  17. NPR News:Do-It-Yourself 'Ghost Guns' Bypass Background Checks And Firearm Registration
  18. NPR News:Justice Department Threatens To Sue Harvard In Admissions Probe
  19. NPR News:Hundreds Of Victims Of Las Vegas Shooting File Lawsuits
  20. NPR News:Jury Deliberations Begin In Kate Steinle's Murder Trial
  21. NPR News:Opposition To Refugee Arrivals Keeps Getting Louder
  22. NPR News:How Republicans Can 'Shoehorn' Temporary Tax Cuts In For Good
  23. NPR News:8 Recovered After Plane Carrying 11 Crashes In Philippine Sea, Navy Says
  24. NPR News:Health Care System Fails Many Transgender Americans
  25. NPR News:Lessons In Love For Generation Snapchat
  26. NPR News:Week Ahead: Trump Again Shows He's Willing To Use His Pardon Power
  27. NPR News:Uber Data On 57 Million People Stolen In Massive Hack
  28. NPR News:Lebanon's Prime Minister, Back From Saudi Arabia, Is Not Resigning After All
  29. NPR News:The Many Forms, Faces And Causes Of PTSD
  30. NPR News:Zimbabwe's Mugabe Ousted By Own Party, Refuses To Step Down
  31. NPR News:Deadly Violence Spirals In Nairobi Ahead Of Court Ruling On Presidential Win
  32. NPR News:Oversight Groups Have Repeatedly Identified Flaws In Military Crime Reporting
  33. NPR News:Special Report: A Cultural Turning Point On Sexual Harassment?
  34. NPR News:SNL Skewers Alum Al Franken, Trump Sons
  35. NPR News:20 Injured As Massive Fire Tears Through Senior Living Center Near Philadelphia
  36. NPR News:Backflipping Robot Is A Giant Leap For Robot Kind
  37. NPR News:Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri Said To Leave Saudi Arabia
  38. NPR News:Ferdie Pacheco, Muhammad Ali's Ringside 'Fight Doctor,' Dies At 89
  39. NPR News:Tesla Unveils Its Electric 'Semi' Truck, And Adds A Roadster
  40. NPR News:FAA Approves Drone As 'Cell Phone Tower In The Sky' For Puerto Rico
  41. NPR News:Federal Agency Drafts New Rules For Transparency In Political Social Media Ads
  42. NPR News:Chief Of Puerto Rico's Power Authority Resigns Under Fire
  43. NPR News:Sicilian Mob Boss Salvatore Riina Dies In Italian Hospital Prison Ward
  44. NPR News:Lost Kitchen Restaurant Made Chef's Small Hometown A Dining Destination
  45. NPR News:Trump Enters Fraught Territory By Criticizing Al Franken
  46. NPR News:Jesse Jackson Says He Has Parkinson's Disease
  47. NPR News:Clues In That Mysterious Radioactive Cloud Point Toward Russia
  48. NPR News:Government Outlines When It Will Disclose Or Exploit Software Vulnerabilities
  49. NPR News:Germany's Merkel, Weakened After Poor Election Showing, Struggles To Form Government
  50. NPR News:Struggling For Investments, Silicon Valley Women Reluctant To Speak Out On Harassment
  51. NPR News:Seattle Defends Its New High-Earner Income Tax In Court
  52. NPR News:Native American Students Fight Discrimination By Celebrating Their Heritage
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